Tactical Retreat Unplugged

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Our Promise To You:   

The Mission-

Tactical Retreat is now Tactical Retreat Unplugged after being a fully registered corporation and 501(c)3 nonprofit in the state of Virginia. 

Tactical Retreat Unplugged:  Promotes, creates, and delivers transformational and creative off-grid experiences to support, educate and provide wellness services for first responders, veterans, and their spouses living with the challenges of cumulative trauma. We also are a remote venue where artists, musicians, and wellness practitioners can unplug, create and thrive. 

The Vision- 

At Tactical Retreat Unplugged our vision is that all first responders, veterans, and their spouses have the resources they need to ‘unplug’ and find mental and physical wellness in order to live their best lives.

Tactical Retreat Unplugged!

What is a tactical retreat?  One definition is a “tactical withdrawal, redeployment or to retreat while maintaining contact with the enemy.”   This is exactly what we mean when we describe our own Tactical Retreat Unplugged.  Maintaining or regaining that “unit cohesion” with your significant other through creative design is key to why Tactical Retreat Unplugged is so successful, and the journey is so meaningful.

What We Do-Veteran Resources, Crisis line, Mental Healt, Retreat, PTSD, Suicide Awareness, Tactical Retreat

Our first priority is to provide workshops and both 2 and 3-day retreat events to first responders/veterans and their spouses who, because of their jobs, have experienced cumulative trauma and are having difficulties coping with those memories.

We bring together skilled peer level trainers, experienced first responders and veterans who have walked where you walk and have come out of it in a healthy place.  Matthew Brandt (Founder/Owner) is a trauma survivor and has fought hard to come to terms with his past, to focus his thoughts and at times poor attitude towards life into something that is creative and positive.  You will also have ample time for reflection and learning in our “Tactical Retreat Village” located in the heart of Appalachia in the mountains of Virginia.

ALSO- Creative Retreats- Musicians, Authors, Yoga, Educators

The beautiful hills of Southwest Virginia, in the heart of Appalachia provide a perfect backdrop for creative retreats as well.  Musicians, authors, yoga enthusiasts, educators and anyone looking for a quiet place to unplug, reflect, to disengage, spend a quiet night by our large firepit, this is a place for you as well.  Retreat leaders, please contact us here to schedule your groups little piece of Appalachia heaven.