Walk For Wellness

Walk the Camino De Santiago with other Veterans!

People have been walking this very meaningful and spiritual pilgrimage for thousands of years. From France, over the mighty Pyrenees mountains or from mid-Spain and even north out of Portugal…the trek is more than a simple hike. Though the destination is always the cathedral of St. James in Santiago, Spain.

Known also as the Way of St. James, the Camino serves to challenge you both physically, and spiritually to help you understand what it is you are missing in your life. It allows you the opportunity to come to terms with the demons of your past with every step of your journey. You will become part of world history while at the same time discovering what it is inside you that you are missing each day in order to live your best life.

Tactical Retreat Unplugged is planning on leading at least one Walk For Wellness each year. We are beginning in October 2023 from Porto, Portugal to the Santiago de Compestela in Santiago, Spain. This initial Walk For Wellness will be documented and updated each step of the way. Make plans now to join us for the second Walk For Wellness in the Fall of 2024!